Tech Support


Tech Support

CYBERTEKS Computer Services provides personal assistance and training over our counter.

Pickup & Drop Off by Appointment Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm

Call 281.305.4090 to Schedule your personal appointment or for directions.

Windows* - Apple* - Linux* - Android - PCs - SmartPhones - Laptops - Tablets - Cloud Computing:
Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spy, Firewalls, Popups
Email & Spam Control
Web Page & Domain Hosting
Data Backup & Recovery
Peer to Peer Networking
Parental Internet Controls
Remote Control Office Support

Bench Services:
CPU, Monitor, Peripheral Upgrade & Repair
Software Installation, Configuration & Testing
Data Backup Systems & Assistance
Virus & Spyware Protection & Removal
Operating System Repair, Recovery & Restoration
DSL/Cell/Satellite, Ethernet & USB Internet Connectivity