Personal Assistance

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Personal Assistance

CyberTeks provides voice and computer assistance in your home.
We provide technology assistance in your home on many different types of computer and communications equipment.

Contact us at our 24 Hour number above and schedule your appointment today.

PCs * PDAs * SmartPhones * Tablets * Cloud Computing * Apple * MS Windows * Linux * Android:
Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls, Popups
Email & Spam Control
Web Pages & Domain Hosting
Data Backup & Recovery
Peer to Peer Networking
Parental Internet Controls
Remote Control Office Support

Installation, Troubleshooting & Repair: DSL / Cable / Satellite / Wireless / Routers
Internet Connectivity LAN, WAN, VPN
DSL / Cable Modem - Single & Multiple Computer
Satellite - Voice / Data / Audio Visual
Wireless - Commercial & Residential
Firewalls - Software & Hardware Appliance
Parental Controls

In Home Services:
CPU, Monitor, Peripheral Upgrade & Repair
Software Installation, Configuration & Testing
Data Backup Systems & Assistance
Virus & Spyware Protection & Removal
Operating System Repair, Recovery & Restore
DSL/Cell/Modem, Ethernet & USB Internet Connectivity