Business Solutions

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Business Solutions

Our current customer base includes experience with a wide range of business applications.

Utilize Cyberteks to design, set up and maintain you corporate computer network. We will assist you in protecting your office voice and data networks from internet malware, data loss and inefficiency. Our trained engineers and technicians utilize the latest in hardware and software systems to meet your organizational goals.

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Business Networks:
Microsoft, Novell, Linux, Android Platforms
Simple & Complex Needs Analysis / Designs
Accounting Systems Support
Internet Connectivity - Monitoring & Control
Troubleshooting, Administrator Support
Cloud Services

Voice Networks & Applications:
IP Voice Networking
Automated Attendants & Redirectors
Network FAX

Audio Visual & Multi-Media Networks:
Internet Teleconferencing
Commercial & Personal Surveillance

Design & Installation
DSL / Cable / Satellite / Wireless / Routers
Internet Connectivity LAN, WAN, VPN
DSL / Cable Modem - Single & Multiple Computer
Satellite - Voice / Data / Audio Visual
Wireless - Commercial & Residential
Firewalls - Software & Hardware Appliance
Parental Controls